EVA Hot Melt Adhesives

Due to their attractive price-performance ratio, the hot-melt adhesives produced on the basis of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) are used for a large number of applications, for example in packaging, in the concrete industry, in floristry and in the DIY sector.  

They are characterised in particular by short to medium open times and fast setting times. This type of hot-melt adhesive is often processed in the form of sticks with the help of mechanical hot glue guns.

The main area of application for sticks is in floristry and for simple manual assembly bonds.  

EVA-based hot-melt adhesives in granulate form processed by melters have become an indispensable part of the production lines of large packaging systems. You can find more packaging adhesives under our avenia.


Advantages of EVA hot melt adhesives

Attractive price-performance ratio

Short to medium open times and short setting times

Proven technology

Excellent adhesion, even on difficult surfaces

Very wide range of formulation options

Ideal for high throughputs

Frequent use in the food industry (FDA 175.105)

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A2738-300 LT

The EVA product alternative with a low processing temperature in a 300 mm stick version.

  • Low processing temperature for sensitive surfaces
  • Ideal for floristry and light assembly applications
  • Processing temperature 120 - 180 °C
  • FDA guideline 175.105

Adeziv EVA A1325.1

Adeziv termofuzibil universal pentru lipirea ansamblurilor în industrie și comerț, precum și în industria ambalajelor și producția sistemelor de afișaj.

  • Pentru producția sistemelor de afișaj
  • Pentru suprafețe vopsite
  • Directiva FDA 175.105

EVA A2914

This adhesive is exceptionally suitable for sealing cardboard boxes on medium to high-speed packaging machines.

  • Medium open time
  • Very short setting time
  • FDA Guideline 175.105

EVA Adhesive A0364.1

Hot-melt adhesive for assembly bonds with high requirements in terms of initial strength, cohesion build-up on difficult substrate surfaces in industry and handcraft / trade, as well as in the packaging industry.

  • Short setting time and short open time
  • For lacquered surfaces
  • Tension bonds
  • FDA Guideline 175.105

EVA adhesive A2075.1

The hot-melt adhesive is used in industry, floristry, household and hobby.

  • Universal for household, hobby and floristry
  • Water-clear and flexible
  • Light to medium assembly bonding
  • Available in 200 & 300 mm lengths

EVA Hotmelt A0158.1

Universally All-purpose hot-melt adhesive for industry and handcraft

  • Colour: white
  • All-rounder for assembly in industry, household and floristry
  • Four delivery forms available: 11 & 18 mm stick, cartridge, granules

EVA-Hotmelt A1189

The hot-melt adhesive has its applications in industry, floristry, household and hobby.

  • Standard floristic glue
  • Wide open-time window
  • Easy assembly bonding
  • Colour: white-transparent

EVA-Hotmelt A1289

The hot-melt adhesive has its applications in industry, floristry, household and hobby.

  • Universal for household, hobby and floristry
  • Medium setting time
  • Light to medium assembly bonding
  • Available in three delivery forms

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