Industria electronica

Adezivi topibili la cald pentru industria electronică

Hot-melt adhesives offer a wide range of solutions for the electronics industry. Today’s consumers demand smaller devices, more functionality, and superior reliability.

Our portfolio of advanced formulations includes a good range of products to create electrical connections, enable structural stability, protect components and dissipate heat – for reliable and high-performance electronics.


Sealing against moisture

Housings can be sealed against moisture and contamination with hot-melt adhesives. The housings are usually made of low-energy materials, such as PP.

Polyolefin can guarantee a material bond with PP. A durable, stable adhesion to the material / housing material is built up.

This composite covers the requirements for impermeability to liquids, e.g. water or disinfectants. A short circuit or corrosion of the electrical component is prevented.


Low-pressure injection moulding

Common hot-melt adhesives in low-pressure injection moulding are based on polyamide.  

The polyamides are very special sealing compounds. These combine material properties with adhesive properties.

This means good adhesion to the cable materials, as well as to the usual solder resists on the circuit board. The material properties of the polyamides used meet the requirements in the terms of elasticity and the operating temperature range.

To protect electronic components during the manufacture of plugs or caps, the hot glue can be pressed into a tool / cavity using the low-pressure process with only approx. 2 – 50 bar.

With this process, components are over-moulded with hot-melt adhesive to give shape, and the wire or contact is sealed, insulated and mechanically protected.

The simple and safe handling of the low-pressure “potting” machines through the regulated injection and cooling times (immediately ready for use) ensures a high level of reproducibility and productivity in the production area.

The main application here can be seen in the automotive sector, due to the high productivity / number of pieces.


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