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Secure gluing plays an important role in the packaging industry. The selection of a suitable adhesive is linked to various prerequisites. Let us together determine the most suitable system for you, consisting of adhesive and application technology.


Sealing of cardboard packaging

First of all, it is important to clarify for which use the packaging is intended. What are the environmental variables, such as temperature, humidity, etc., during both production and shipping?

The type of production is important when choosing the adhesive. For example, how high is the throughput in the system?

The material of the cardboard packaging / corrugated cardboard also plays a major role. High restoring forces in particular require good advice on the choice of hot-melt adhesive, so that there are no nasty surprises.

Shipping packaging is also increasingly developing into an advertising medium and is often lacquered or shrink/film-wrapped. The smooth surfaces present an increased degree of difficulty for the adhesion of hot-melt adhesives, which must also be kept in mind.  


Self-adhesive closures

Mailing boxes, envelopes and other packaging materials are equipped with a covered self-adhesive seal for later use and a tear strip for easy opening.

The immediately-adhesive closure means that the goods can be packaged at the end customer’s premises without the need of any additional packaging material. The cardboard packaging can be stored flat and is only erected shortly before use. As a rule, a pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesive is applied to the packaging material over a surface area of up to 30 mm, in order to maintain the adhesive strength.

In the production of shipping boxes, envelopes and other packaging materials with adhesive seals, the most important things are that the packaged goods are safely transported to the recipient even at changing temperatures, that the shipping packaging can be securely closed again if necessary, and that the adhesive is applied cleanly and economically.


Display bonding

The displays used for product presentation are usually relatively stiff. High restoring forces act at the folds, which the adhesive has to absorb in order to prevent the folds from cracking open. These forces act on many packaging materials, corrugated cardboard or carton.

If the hot glue is applied by hand, the open time of the adhesive must be matched to the length of the gluing process. After all dots, areas or lines have been applied, the hot-melt adhesive must still ensure good adhesion with rapid and high build-up of cohesion.

In the case of applications requiring a high degree of advice, we will be pleased to discuss these with you on site.  

Our team of adhesive experts from the field service and the application technology laboratory are always at your side if you have any technical questions.


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